Date : Nov 6th(Mon) 2pm – 11th(Sat) 4pm, 2023
Place : Bengaluru
Language: English, Telugu
Eligibility for :- Pastor, Pastor Amma & Leaders of the Church


We welcome you in the name of Lord Jesus Christ.


Welcome! God has given us Jesus Christ and the perfect gospel that expresses His whole heart.
Through this gospel, we get to know God and learn to love and fear Him.
Please fill out all the contents of the application with your whole heart.

1) Application Instruction: Please answer every question in detail with honesty.
2) Insincere and careless application may be rejected.  
3) Other people are not allowed to fill out the application for you. (If you need any help, please contact us.)
4) Even if any family members are applying together for the same batch, application must be submitted written individually and submitted each.
5) Application must be submitted before the deadline date.

1. Basic Information

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Emergency Contact Details


(Pastor) Name of Church / Organization / Role in the group
(Employee) Name of Company / Department
(Student) Name of College / Grade / Major

2. Family Information

3. Recommended this Camp by whom?

4. About Faith, Heart And Gospel (Please fill up all questions with more than 20 Sentences)

5. Applicant’s Promise

I am writing this application to express my strong desire to join the IGC for His Kingdom. I firmly believe that God has called me to be a part of this Camp, and I will overcome any obstacles to join this camp to fulfil God’s purpose.

As I understand, joining this Camp requires a commitment to follow all the rules and regulations set forth by the Camp Host.

I am determined to make this promise and pledge to abide by all the guidelines with sincerity and dedication.

I understand that the program has specific schedules and sessions that I must attend without any excuses. I assure that I am fully committed to participating in all the sessions and following the schedules provided in Christ.

Moreover, I recognize the importance of focusing on the Word of God during the CAMP. Therefore, I will submit my all mobile phones and any kinds of tele devices and refrain from using them for any reason, and I will not ask to use them during the camp.

I understand that leaving the designated area during the program is not permitted for any reason. I promise to comply with this rule and not leave the permitted area during my stay at the CAMP to concentrate on only the Gospel of Jesus.

AGREEMENT for the Camp Management

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