Declaration of Gospel
Prayer Alliance

Prayer Alliance

Stand Up as Witnesses to Gospel and Prayer until His Second Coming.
Gospel Prayer Alliance‟ decides to only carry out way of life as a bride carrying an iron rod in the field we each were granted by the Lord.

The Lord has called us to the absolute & complete ‘Gospel of the cross’ that was revealed in the Bible, and allowed us to give over the ‘lives of our self’ to death with our Lord Jesus Christ and raised us in ‘the Life of Jesus.’


Due to this grace, we solely acknowledge the infallible Gospel, and not as nominal Christians, but as Christians that have been redeemed to live out the ‘Life of Jesus’ with the Holy Spirit that dwells in us, we have become witnesses of the Gospel that consider the cross to be our sole purpose and pride in life, the Gospel our everything, and the Lord to be all that we need.


Because the ‘Gospel of the cross’ cannot be limited to our joy, we will not leave the sanctuary of prayer until all nations return to the Lord of lords and worship Him, and until our Groom Jesus returns to the New Jerusalem with a cloud of witnesses and we join the Wedding Day of the Lamb.


The ‘Gospel of the cross’ that the Trinity God has fulfilled Himself – for the revival of the Kingdom of God and completion of missions in which the glory, power, and blessing of this sole Gospel is revealed, in the name of ‘Gospel Prayer Alliance’ and at the cross in which we each have died and the Lord has risen, we will unite unconditionally, serving one another and together run forth to the ends of the earth.



As we believe without doubt the promise of the Lord to return soon, we look towards the flag of victory lifted high in the Lord’s hands, and declare we will go forth to end the war against Satan and evil that tries to destroy humanity with sin and turn our generation against God.

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About Service

We will only worship the Trinity God as true worshippers that God seeks for, abiding in the Holy Spirit that shines the light of the Gospel in continuation to the Gospel of Truth completely revealed to us at the cross.

About Prayer

As priests that hold the duty of reconciliation, we go forth daily to the place of prayer at designated times for the revival of the Kingdom of God and completion of missions, and seek for the Kingdom of God and His will.

About Unity

As the universal church which the Holy Spirit has united as one in the body of Christ, we will love and serve one another as we do to the Lord in every place the Lord each sends us, and unconditionally unite with Gospel and prayer.

About Possessions

As we believe the Lord is the Lord of everything, we will live a life that throws away the worldly values of the earth and chooses the values of Heaven to fill in another’s deficiency with my abundance, fulfilling the reality of living the life of a stranger by considering what is mine to be not mine

About Missions

We accept the completion of missions to be the first priority in obeying the Lord’s last commission, and we partake in the history of the Lord’s salvation by making such values into a reality in time, money, health, gift, relationship, and all other aspects in life, all so that the completion of missions will be fulfilled quickly.

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